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> ATTRA already does what you describe below, or
> much of what you describe below...
> *give information to farmers of all scale
> *well proven techniques for their bio-region
> *alley-cropping silviculture, mechanical harvesting of
>   perrenial polycultures, agroforestry, etc.

  Dear Steve,

  I know that ATTRA is doing many great things including many of the things
I outlined hence my reference to it.  The purpose of starting another
organisation would be that it would have a specific focus on permaculture
worldwide whereas ATTRA seems to have a focus on all forms of sustainable
agriculture in North America.

   The original impetus for this idea came from trying to help several
sustainable ag. projects that my college is involved with in tropical
countries.  Trying to get a hold of useful info for their projects that
related to permaculture was extremely difficult and I think it would be
nice -considering the amount of outreach work permies get up to- if we had a
place that functioned similar to ATTRA that focused on their needs.

> Well, to be honest, the mechanical harvest of perennial
> polycultures does not exist so that's your answer on that
> item.

  Right.  On the other hand I believe this is something we need.  I put this
in because I went to a talk by a permie up in Wisconsin named Mark Sheppard.
He has planted out rows of Badgersett chestnuts and hazelnuts undercropped
with N-fixers with asparagus growing in between the rows to give an interim
yield.  He was talking about using modified conventional farm equipment to
harvest his nuts when they got to maturity.  I know that mechanical
harvesting is also high on the research priority list for the land institute
so it is possible that we might see this in the future.

> What do you see as far as.... "These studies would be made
> available to farmers in a simplified practical format."

  Basically, just translating scientific english into spoken english and
publishing it.

> It might be useful to get a second viewpoint of what you
> are seeking.   What do you want to see, what is the
> need and reason for it, and what effect will it have?

  Will do.  Hopefully I've done it to a small extent in this post but I'd
like to get your further input as I develop this idea further.  Thanks for
the insights.


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