[permaculture] Wiki Web

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Mon Sep 2 11:29:39 EDT 2002

Looking thru the various wiki engines there is one feature that I think might be quite valuable if you have
the disk space.  My group uses a swiki which is actually one of the simplest of wiki engines but it allows
for uploads of .jpg, .gif & I believe .png files.  It might be quite wonderful to be able to populate the
wiki with illustrations & photographs of various plants, designs, gatherings etc.  I think one could design
that upload to restrict file size to under 30-40K so that none of the pages would become inaccessible to
people with dialup connections.  I also think that a lot of the groundwork for a permaculture plant database
could be initiated with a wiki environment.  But so far, in checking out the various phpwikis online I havent
seen that feature as a part of any of them.

swiki swiki

Another snazzy feature that I dont fully understand is the twiki implementation which operates with
plug-ins.  They have a plugin which allows a group of users to draw simple shapes & enter text, ie we could
experiment with group design processes or someone that has a layout could put their map online & make their
design process open territory to all.  This seems to be a little more sophisticated than other wikis & may be
beyond our scope but it sure got the ideas perculating in my head.




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