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This all sounds a lot like 'WWOOF'ing: Why re-invent the wheel?
Scott Hitchins.

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Good day all:)

Thanks for the input Charlie. I was not aware of this particular organization.

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<< www.organicvolunteers.com >>

I'll bet many of their goals, and ideas are quite similar. The fact that that 
they are getting so many hits reinforces my belief that there are far more of 
us than we believe. 

Seems to me rather than start an organization from scratch it might be better 
to try, and work with like minded organizations to accomplish our ends:)  

Many are looking for hands-on experience. An experience that farms set up by 
the PC Peace Corps could provide folks who then become evangelists:)

Regarding the name: I agree with you:)  How about simply "the Permaculture 
Corps". Army...while appropriate in concept might be a bit too military 
sounding for some:)

Just think of the benefits. By mobilizing the talents of the Corps. We can 
begin to ID companies who are sympathetic and provide products that fit our 
goals at reasonable cost. Right now there seems to be a terrible void in that 
respect. And hopefully help them grow as well.

Suggestions on same are most welcome.   Frank 

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