[permaculture] Open letter to Mark and Kirby

Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Sun Sep 1 10:05:01 EDT 2002


While I agree that posts can ramble on and get ego-centrical and that should
be avoided, I feel that there is still a lot of room on the list to discuss
exotics, woody brush control and controlled burning.

>>  you both have strong opinions but it is getting a little repetitive now

When I came to this list with the above topics I was looking for hard
information not necessarily debate.  It's taken several weeks now to just
BEGIN drawing out the information I'm looking for, and there's still more I
would like especially regarding the roll of forests vs. prairies, and the
effects of reforestation on the climate.

>>  May I suggest that it is time to stop extrapolating on your
philosophical stances

Yes, perhaps we should streamline our dialogues and keep superfluous
opinions out.

>>  and instead switch over to giving us reports of how your different
approaches are actually working on the land that you manage.  <<

I did post a letter describing our recent Pc installation and its
shortcomings.  I believe Loren was the only person who responded - more
about the social aspects of it than the physiological.  Thanks Loren!  It
occurs to me that reports on our work may seem rather close-ended and don't
generate the free exchange of ideas that more open-ended posts generate.

>>  let's check back in twenty years (or other appropriate time frame for
succession) and see who's right.  Let nature be the judge.  <<

In Texas, at least, the trees have been falling for 400 years and are
falling even faster today.  I'll be happy to post the results of juniper
encroachment on our land in 20 years but I can go a mile in any direction
and start reporting on the results today.

>>  Stop giving yourself a monitor tan and go out and enjoy them [grapes and
peaches].  <<

I came in from the field specifically to learn more about ecosystem
restoration and our dance with invasive exotic plants.  You may or may not
have noticed that almost all of my posts are early morning or late night.  I
build houses and gardens for a living and spend about 10 hours a day five or
six days a week outside getting a REAL sun burn.

Kirby Fry

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