[permaculture] For the survival thread...

Carol Lively clively2 at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 31 19:28:45 EST 2002

> I agree with Mark that new age flakiness should be viewed with skepticism-

New age flakiness?

What an incredible disappointment to find this kind of thing
even here in Permie World.

It is ever the way of mankind to make fun of, to scorn,
reject, dismiss that which they don't understand, of that
which doesn't fit into their own little paradigm of "the way
things be" and "the way things not be."

At some point in your life, you began to "get it," didn't
you?  You began to understand that there was a better way of
interacting with the earth; this way that was given the name
of Permaculture, and you probably got your nose right out of
joint whenever those who weren't "getting it" scoffed at you
and your flaky, wacko ideas.

What went through your mind as you sat there all indignant
and disgusted with those who were making fun of something
that they didn't understand - something that isn't at all
flaky or wacko, except to those with limited abilities of

I can tell you what's going through my mind, as I sit here
indignant and disgusted, trying to digest the thoughts of
those who are proving that their little box is just only
slighter larger than the box that "Hey, Bubba, let's go and
poison dem dere bugs today!" resides in:


Bah Humbug.

What a disappointment.

The box is bigger, boys.  It's way bigger.  Good luck.

Carol Lively
Fort Worth, Texas

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