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Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Thu Oct 31 09:21:54 EST 2002

Dear everyone reading this---

I'm late as usual catching up on my permaculture topics, but the subject 
earlier this month was whether to trust the contents of your rain barrel, 
after the rain has washed off your roof.

Whether you get your drinking/cooking water from the well, the rain barrel or 
out of the creek, you should have it analyzed. The $25-35 you give the lab is 
well worth it for their evaluation of heavy metals, fecal matter and 
coliforms. The same is true for the water you use irrigating the veggie 

And if you've designed some sort of home treatment system for conversion of 
your black- and grey-water into crop-ready or potable water, how are you 
going to assign a passing grade to your efforts unless you know what you've 
ended up with?

Look in the yellow pages or call your local ag extension to find out who is 
testing water in your neighborhood. Be advised that if you call the local 
well service you will be in for a sales pitch rather than an independent 

Mike Elvin
Fuquay-Varina, NC
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