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Rick Valley wrote:
> If I have less than 4 acres to deal with, I don't use power equipment unless
> there's someone close who'll do it for hire, cheap.

> I'd first get the Gobo I didn't want with an Irish brush hook.

Bulldog Tools makes an Irish Brush Hook
You will have to get a printed catalog to see it
A Division of American Tool Companies
  Clarington Forge
  Wigan, Lancs. WN1 3DD
  Tel: (01942) 44281
  Fax: (01942) 824316

  Division of Record Tools
  Parkway Works
  Kettlebridge Road
  S9 3BL

  Telephone: 0114-2449066
  Fax: 01142-561788
  Tel: 01142-449066 Fax: 01142-434302
  e-mail:sales at recordtools.co.uk
  Our Products
    All Season

BULLDOG TOOLS have been made at Clarington Forge in Wigan for over 200 years.
Seven generations of Farmers, Contractors and Professional Landscapers stand 
testimony to a quality of product upon which their livelyhoods depended. The 
skill and craftsmanship that were the key to the company's success in those 
early days are still maintained and are available to you today, in the products 
you will find in this web site.
All products are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material

Available from:
James Cooksons
Cheshire, UK
FREEPHONE, In UK: 0800 458 5752
FAX: +44 (161) 480 8579
(Maybe someone from the UK in the PC List could phone Cooksons and find out 
their overseas telephone number and post that to the list. Graham?)
cooksons.com ltd.
Armstrong House
Swallow Street
United Kingdom
Cooksons carries all Bulldog tools and will do mail order to the USA

For more info and reviews of Bulldog Tool see:

Other sources for Bulldog Tools, Spear and Jackson Tools and more:

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
P.O. Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945
Tel:(530) 272-4769 • Order Toll Free (888) 784-1722
Email:contact at groworganic.com

Smith & Hawken 800/776-3336  800-9401170  http://www.smith-hawken.com

Gardener's Supply Co.  800/863-1700   http://www.gardeners.com
See the Swwiss-made (60' handle X 6" head) 4-prong cultivator and the long 
handled spade and long-handled fork (Bulldog)
phone (707) 766-9303  FAX: (707) 766-9747

Order by mail: P.O. Box 750776, Petaluma, CA 94975-0776.
This is the article in Taunton's "Kitchen Garden" magazine
with a review of the Broadfork from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
that I mentioned in an earlier post, also covers the old
Smith & Hawken 3-tine grub eyehoe which is now available in a modified
format from Hida Tool (http://www.hidatool.com - 800/443-5512) as their "Farmer 
Rake" also Bulldog spades and forks.
For more articles in Kitchen Garden (no longer in print) see:

Seeds of Change
Record Tools North America (Canada, wholesale)

The Bulldog heavy-duty digging spade, spade fork and digging fork are three
basic tools for a raised bed gardener

> Then I'd take my brush scythe to the rest.

This is the best and most complete scythe dealer in the USA:
Scythe Supply
they offer several types of brush and ditch scythes and well as the grass/grain 

> A Swede axe is good on small trees.

Gransfors is a brand that comes to mind though there are others, available from:

Garrett Wade or Lee Valley Tools

Also: Ralph Martindale & Co., Ltd.
Wonderful machetes, like you've never seen before - you can do an amazing lot of
clearing with a good machete: grasses, woody weeds, cornstalks, saplings, trees
See my Gardening Handtool Sourcelist: 
http://market-farming.com/gardening-hand-tools.faq for contact info
for RM, Ltd. - also Crocodile USA/www.karnaf.com, the Chillington/Ralph 
Martindale Ltd. USA Representative will import these tools for you;
Contact: Ilan Segura  ilan at karnaf.com   408-888-7478   Santa Clara, Calif.
Website: (these tools are in stock in their US warehouse:)
Importer of Ralph Martindale machetes and Chillington eye hoes, spades and forks

lfl at intrex.net

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