[permaculture] Allan needs advice on selecting a brush cutter - Weed Wrench - order, info, pix, spacs, etc., boycott Moninsanito

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Oct 30 17:46:58 EST 2002

Mark wrote:

> There is a machine called a brush wrench, basically a long lever and 
> fulcrum with a gripping jaw that lets one tear out brush by the roots 
> rather than just cut it off.  Works great.  I tend to agree with the 
> notion that for serious work having the bigger machine is probably worth 
> it. 

Weed Wrench™
Woody Plant Puller

"Weed wrench is a manually operated, all-steel tool designed to remove woody 
plants by uprooting. Powerful jaws with an 18:1 gripping leverage are teamed 
with a 6:1 leverage for pulling. Proven effective from coast to coast, Weed 
Wrench is an efficient, safe, selective, permanent means of eliminating unwanted 
shrubs and sapling trees. Soil disturbance is minimal and desirable plants are 
unharmed. Persons of ordinary strength can use it effectively after only seconds 
of familiarization. An important part of Weed Wrench's success has been that 
most people find it fun to use!"

An entry for this tool will be included in the Gardening Hand Tools Sourcelist,
along with a lot of new & interesting tools I've found recently, at: 

Thanks for the pointer, Mark. You're forgiven for using the dreaded roundemup
on your deadly niteshade. Is this plant actually Datura?, kin to Carolina Horse 
Nettle, aka Jimson Weed (which actually may be Datura, an Oriental medicinal 
plant, and also poisonous, a solanum, in the nightshade family)?

lfl at intrex.net

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