[permaculture] Industry and permaculture

Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Wed Oct 30 07:49:37 EST 2002

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info and insight.  In university (way back in '89) we took a field trip to the local waste water treatment plant and now I'm planning a field trip to Austin's waste water treatment facility where they make a "non-organic" compost out of treated sludge and composted yard and tree trimmings called, 'dillo dirt.  They also harvest the biogas for heating the waste water during one of its treatment phases.

The two engineers who operate the facility, or at least the 'dillo dirt aspect of the facility attended the recent Texas Society of Ecological Restoration conference and were really into harvesting / harnessing waste as much as possible.

I've always wished I'd gotten a civil engineering degree rather than a degree in forestry.

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