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Mark Ludwig mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 28 18:23:59 EST 2002

At 06:53 AM 10/28/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Good day all,
>You folks are great. Lots of good, practical advice. Thanks.
>Appreciated the post, Mark. Seems in some ways I'm heading in the right
><< I love rye!  I'd try a little at least.  The stuff has about the lowest
>germinating temp of anything you can plant.  Some folks recommend spring
>planting as it won't be able to go to seed without a period of freezing
>weather. >>
>Hope to plant some annual cereal rye towards the end of this week.
>If I intend to use this rye only for grazing...are there any things I should
>be aware of in a rotational grazing system. I'm assuming my cows will graze
>it down(or cut if necessary)  so it will not go to seed, and die out by May.
>Is this a valid assumption/practice?

It grows very fast in the spring, graze it hard and stay off your permanent 
pastures until its ready.

>For wet ground...<<alsike really tolerates it well>> Does anyone on the list
>in a similar climate have experience with alsike?  How does it test? What
>kind of production do you get? Would you suggest planting trefoil over alsike?

Alike isn't generally as productive as other clovers, it's main advantage 
is it's ability to tolerate acid pH and wet roots.

>Sure would like to see some specific varieties that have worked for our list
>members given...so I can check them out. Unfortunately around here it seems
>all but the most common stuff must be special ordered if they can handle it
>at all:(
>I think I'll test some alsike, some trefoil, and some reed canary to see
>which works best. Is it too late to plant any of these types in Zone
>6B-southern Kentucky?

I bet you're OK, if not put it in as a dormant seeding once the soil temp 
drops under 50 f (40c?), the seed germinates in the spring.  This is 
especially good for species that benefit from cold moist stratification, 
including Eastern Gamma grass.

><< Or just take Dick B's good advise an go with crab grass.>> Anyone know
>where I can get Red River Crabgrass? Or who handles, or distributes it in my
>Dick, when do you suggest the best planting time for Red River Crab grass?
>And are there some grasses it works better with, others that it doesn't do
>well with? What seeding rate do you advise?
><<Subsoil of the ground is pretty dry, if not you do more harm than
>good.  Maybe follow with a chisel plow and add 2 pounds to the acre of
>buckwheat to your pasture mix or just cover crop with it, does wonders for
>tilth.  Make sure the BW DN shade out the pasture if you seed both.>>
>I'll do it!i! I'll probably need to wait for colder, dryer weather to
>subsoil. I plan to subsoil perpendicular to the slope of the ground. To get
>maximum benefit, how far a part should you sub soil?

2-3 feet/ .5 - 1 meter.

>  I've not used buckwheat
>before...but I've read that it has deep roots, and helps improve soil like
>you said. Any variety that you'd care to recommend? I'd no till it. Any
>problems with that?

anything you can get should work.  No till or even broadcast.

>By the way does anyone have a URL for a site that will give planting dates,
>seeding rat, etc.,tc. for various grasses, and legumes?

See your local extension or supplier.

>Anyone know of a site that might shvarietytal test results of different
>grasses, or legumes by state, or climate?
>Thanks gain for your replies. Frank
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