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johnny gregory johnnyg8 at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 28 11:21:07 EST 2002

Hi, Keith,

     I was glad to see your post and glad so much in NC is happening with
permaculture. I want to get more up to speed. I'll check out your website
for sure. Thanks for sharing what you've learned with everybody!

    I've been an organic gardener with tennis court-sized gardens a number
of years and last summer got a new farm which will have about 5-10 acres of
growing area. Here's my plan as I was telling our friend, Treesa..

On my farm I want to have:
- edible fruit and nut trees and Paulownias on about 24' centers for partial
shade and better moisture in a microclimate for intercropping...
- organic veggies and herbs
- organic flowers
- organic mushrooms in the forest (have to learn how to cultivate- have
plenty of logs)

  I want to have some keyline water swales (I have an old track loader with
5 scarifier teeth (rippers) which will rip open the soil about 14" deep) on
slopes (not too hilly) to keep water from cascading down the hills vs.
saturating the soil.

  I did a little volunteering a few times at Timberlake Farm near Greensboro
on a permaculture garden and pond. It was fun.

  Thanks to everyone on this list as I'm a newbie with lots to learn.

Your friend in Greensboro,

Johnny Gregory

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> This is a good thread. It helps me update the Planetary Permaculture Directory
> at
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/pcresources/PcResources2.htm
> Thanks, all.
> Keith
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> I'm one of 30 permaculturists (and one of 10 Pc teachers) at Earthaven
> Ecovillage
> (http://www.earthaven.org) in North Carolina and we just finished training 30
> design
> course grads at a Pc Teaching course today. It was WAY good.
> We publish the Permaculture Activist (in its 18th year,
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/) and Communities Magazine
> (http://store.ic.org/products/communities-magazine.html). We are planning to
> host the
> Continental Bioregional Congress (website in progress) in 2004 AND,
> tentatively, Build
> Here Now, a colloquium on natural building previously hosted by the Lama
> Foundation in
> NM.
> Stay tuned for news about the Permaculture Teacher's Guild which could
> replace, or
> merge with, the Eastern Permaculture Teachers Assoc
> (http://permaculture.net/~EPTA).
> Keith Johnson

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