[permaculture] Re: Quest - Kirby

Kirby Fry peace at totalaccess.net
Sun Oct 27 09:26:40 EST 2002

Hi Georg,

>>>  Your place sounds absolutely beautiful.  <<<

>>  it is, i have been there (great straw house, too).  <<

Thanks, we just finished the bathroom in the straw bale house - what a
relief, but we still need to build a pumice wick for the waste water.
Currently we are able to use sinks, showers and even the toilet except for
going #2.  It just drains into a swale planted heavily with iris and

The exterior also needs finishing and a more thorough "drying in" to keep
insects out.

Please jog my memory as to when you came out.  Had we installed the big Pc
gardens yet?

This winter we'll be planting the second round of fruit trees (probably
several hundred) to replace the ones that perished due to our heavy clay
soils and mis placement of the trees.

Basically any tree that wasn't planted high and dry on a berm died, I
believe, due to the combinations of irrigation, clayey soils, and bare root
stock not liking to stand in water.  But also the stone fruit did really
poorly and we lost most of the paw paw and jujube because I didn't unpack
them quickly enough when they arrived on site, via U.P.S.  They were covered
in a white fungus that ate away the bark at the very base of the seedlings.

It'd be a good time for anyone interested to come down and get their hands


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