[permaculture] Rhus Roundup sympathetic horror

mbgrey mbgrey at mnp.net
Fri Oct 25 18:18:22 EDT 2002

Irwin, Valley, et al:
May I recommend that you carry with you and keep on hand at all times a
tincture of Jewelweed. Start growing it - It grows in damp semi shaded
areas. Horizon Herbs carries the seeds. Either Impatiens capensis or I.
pallida work well. It is easy to tincture.  (some web sites say that it
should never be tinctured, but it works when fresh leaves and stems are not
available, and is easier than brewing a tea) Having had an emergency room
experience with a case of poison ivy I am certainly sympathetic. And, I am
now also prepared to deal with it on an on-going basis. The tincture turns a
case of poison ivy into a very minor three day inconvenience rather than
three weeks of hell. James A. Duke says it can be used as a preventative in
it's fresh state - crushed leaves and stems. I have used the tincture this
way personally but would still want to be as protected as possible when
pulling it out. (brushing up against vines in winter can cause a bad case of
poison ivy too)

Marty Grey
zone 5, Northern Appalachia

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