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Fri Oct 25 11:28:51 EDT 2002

I think that it would be very valuable for you to contact Ronaldo Lek at 
Instituto Mesoamerica Permacultura in San Lucas Toliman, on Lake 
Atitlan.  His email is <imap at intelnet.net.gt>

At 12:00 PM 10/20/02 -0400, you wrote:
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>  My name is Jaime Lopez Wolters, an agroforestry student at Wageningen
>University, the Netherlands.
>  As part of my practical training I have taken on the assignment of 
> starting an
>agroforestry project in a small village in the highlands of Guatemala. The
>project focuses mainly on the improvement of the local system of corn
>production and aims to work in a highly participatory manner. The idea is to
>form a group of farmers who are willing to take the development of farm
>innovations into their own hands, learning to work together aswell as with
>scientists, NGO's and GO's. Our role as facilitators would be to guide this
>process and aid with our particular expertise.
>  We are very unexperienced and would gain much from feedback given by other
>organisations or individuals working in the same field.
>  In these beginning stages of the project questions that arise are:
>- What topics do you touch in a first meeting with farmers?
>- What kind of structure should this farmer's group create as a solid
>foundation for present and future work?
>- How do you set up a participatory problem analysis meeting? What techniques
>have proven effective?
>  If the topics of agroforestry and/or participatory development are of 
> interest
>to you or your organisation we would greatly appreciate it if you would take
>the time to reply with comments and suggestions. Perhaps you can also pass 
>email on to others who might be able to help us.
>      Jaime Lopez Wolters

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