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You can volunteer at the conference and save admission, and manyof you need
a holiday it seems.


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> Hi, Treesa,
>  ACQ-treated lumber is well-explained on the Quality Forest Products site,
> www.qualityforest.com . I got a sample of it and there was no odor, a
> blessing for a pressure-treated wood. I plan to use it on my farm's fences
> and a floating pond dock, possibly some picnic tables and decks. This wood
> would be a great thing for cold frames and planters, too. The Ecological
> Farming Conference in CA in January sounds great. I wish I could get to
> Johnny Gregory
> Greensboro, NC
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> Here in CAlifronia, HAYWARD LUMBER, a huge and very old lumber company is
> selling 'ACQ' pressure treated lumber, without arsenic, with copper.
> Apparently arsenic PT will soon be outlawed.
> www.haywardlumber.com
> Anyone up on this?  They say "you can eat off that thar piece 'wood."
> well...
> But friend working with it on fences says there are none of the effects
> the PT would do, like irritate his mucous membranes etc.
> Of course, keep on with the locust and lesser input ways!!!
> ANNOUNCEMENT:  Ecological Farming Conference at Aslimar Conference
> Pacific Grove, CA, 3rd weekend in January.  Amazing, full-spectrum,
> learning and contact.
> www.eco-farm.org
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