[permaculture] Re: roundup

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Thu Oct 24 19:29:12 EDT 2002

My point is - there are plenty of places where we can here the 'for'
argument for using herbicides/toxics (like all around us, every day). We all
know they exist and are an option.

I'm involved in this forum because I'd like to hear about, explore and share
creative/new/alternative solutions to the challenges we face working with/on
the land.


> How bout this, I'll just mention them in passing where I think it's
> appropriate and all of you who go off the deep end about them shoot back
> without calling me an air head or corporate hack.  PC to me is about
> and implementation, not a rigid religious dogma or peoples revolution.  If
> it is the later all ya'll can look forward to decades of obscurity and
> marginal existence.  If this forum is just for the pure, Larry is welcome
> to give me the boot, but honestly just preaching to the converted isn't
> one sharpens the mind or ones positions.
> And I'll just leave it there, really.
> M

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