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Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Oct 24 17:08:19 EDT 2002

At 02:19 PM 10/24/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Mark wrote:
>I've saved the following for future discussion as it will be important for
>homesteaders involved with small livestock production for meat. A while 
>back I asked about raising sheep and goats for meat and it appears that 
>Boer goats and
>Gulf Coast sheep will be the easiest to raise with the leat maintenance 
>required, i.e. no wormers and no supplemental feed grain. My source for GC 
>lets his flock select naturally for parasite resistance. What about 
>nematophagic fungi? What are sources for this and how well does it work 
>and how difficult is it to get them established? Any references would be 

You might try a quick look at the grazersedge archives or the graze-l 
archives.  If anything else of interest drops through I'll send it on.  To 
be honest I had never herd of these fungi before today.

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