[permaculture] [Fwd: Re: [NAFEX] re: shade for blackberries]

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Thu Oct 24 04:55:22 EDT 2002

Hi Paul,
I'd answer your question with a qualified 'yes'. I saw it growing in
Northern Germany, and it is available here in Ireland.
I planted five Caraganas in a small area for chickens and
nitrogen-fixing. Unfortunately in this wet, slug-ridden climate all were
destroyed - as were Robinias and Gleditsias - by  slugs moving up the
stems of the young plants and munching the young leaves just as they
were coming out, as well as the tender bark!
If you don't have that sort of problem or if you can purchase big enough
plants that are not as susceptible, you should be able to grow them. 


Paul J Foster wrote:
> Is this something that can be grown in the UK?

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