[permaculture] Re: My Quest

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Thu Oct 24 05:23:55 EDT 2002

I have met wonderful people through these channels, not partners but
friends and kindred spirits. Why draw the line there? I applaud your
courage and wish you all the best for your quest.


John Buckley wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Thank you'll for your support in "My Quest", esp you, Margaret.  After
> composing my previous e-mail I hesitated before pressing "send", wondering
> if I was nuts or not. I tried writing with a measure of levity, not wishing
> to expose myself, not wanting to reveal my heart.  But if we, as a group,
> wish to live in a higher way, on a higher plane, reflecting principle and
> mutual respect, then speaking out and standing forth is required. We must
> learn to be unafraid, learn to trust one another, and become involved with
> one another on a personal level.  If doubting this then I ask: If not now,
> then when?  For now is the only time that is real.  And real people live in
> real time -- the best place to be, the only place to be, the only place that
> breathes.
> Namaste,
> John Buckley

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