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My understanding is that it is illegal to use the standard Roundup near waterways in Australia.- The problem being the effect of the carrier/surfactant on frogs. However, there is another type of Roundup available (only to farmers, councils, etc) that does not have this additive.  It is a soluble powder and supposedly safe for use near wetlands etc.  I'd be interested in further info / comment on this as I don't use roundup at all: My one attempt resulted in several near-dead young trees and the targeted couch-grass that didn't even blink ! 
Scott Hitchins
MY wife and I are expecting our first child early next year (I've just expanded the vegie-patch): A girl, according to the experts.  Is there such a thing as "Environmental Activist Barbie", and where can I get one?

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Yike - hope you're not talking about using roundup in a wetland - it's 
illegal to spray roundup near a water course or water body in Australia. 
I'm surprised to see such enthusiastic advocasy of this stuff on this 
list - not a long term solution, already many weeds are becoming 

>>Also remember that we might not always be around to keep that eye out.  If
>>the problem ever becomes someone else's (as in the case of the designers
>>hired to restore that wetland), the perceived only choice might be a resort
>>to something like Round Up.
>>"Just once, well applied, not repeatedly."  Cringe.
>Actually my rule for roundup on those invasive weeds is annually, 
>vigorously and indefinitely.
>Mark L
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