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Here in CAlifronia, HAYWARD LUMBER, a huge and very old lumber company is
selling 'ACQ' pressure treated lumber, without arsenic, with copper.
Apparently arsenic PT will soon be outlawed.


Anyone up on this?  They say "you can eat off that thar piece 'wood."   Umm,

But friend working with it on fences says there are none of the effects that
the PT would do, like irritate his mucous membranes etc.

Of course, keep on with the locust and lesser input ways!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Ecological Farming Conference at Aslimar Conference Grounds,
Pacific Grove, CA, 3rd weekend in January.  Amazing, full-spectrum, diverse
learning and contact.


Treesa Rogerson, M.A.

Lands Alive : Ecology By Design

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> > From: "Michael Murphy"
> > Black Locust for posts.
> > How long do they last?
> good 'ol boys say 30 yrs, then you turn 'em upside down and they go
> 30. But of course, the tighter the growth rings, the bigger the piece,
> climate, and possibly seed stock of the trees are variables.
> I have seen a five inch (heartwood) log after 10 years on the ground in
> better shape than a PT 4X6 on the ground perhaps a few years less.
> -Rick
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