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> John; I've not read too much of HRM, but I know Alan Savory began in
> Zimbabwe and is now based in New Mexico, and I have seen HRM used in
> SW Oregon on slopes, to great success.
> Are you speaking above of ungulates being managed according to HRM
> methods, or worst case Western mis-management?

The latter, to be sure.  Not well read up on HRM either.  I assume it
involves keeping balances between elements so that the hooves don't
take over (or at least, don't become more numerous than the
terrain/vegetation can handle without "too much" erosion).  Instances
I'm referring to are where "management" is not holistic and/or holistic
corrective actions are politically incorrect.  Some national parks,
state reserves, etc. come to mind - too many hooves, not enough
predators/terrain/vegetation, but can't shoot the hooves (and don't
even *mention* eatin' 'em if ya do :-o) because of political
correctness/"park policies" (and/or absence of systemic understanding).

I was just concerned about someone taking the previously mentioned
introduction of ungulates to be a good thing - period.  Thus 'context
is everything'...

> BTW, in my county they for the first time hired a goatherd & herd of
> goats for fuel reduction browsing in parkland adjacent to residential
> areas, to rave reviews so far.

Yep, this works great - Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley (CA) hills
started doing this years ago.  Some other regional parks too, I think,
especially since the big Oakland hills fire.

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