[permaculture] Water & Soil Testing

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Not sure John.  But I grew up there and am also looking for land in WNC w/
perhaps a dwelling of some sort on it for tax reasons for one.

There is the Great Smoky Mountains Diagnostic Laboratory near or in
Asheville.  They do a lot of medical and/or body stuff, the minutae, hair
strand testing.

But a start, and they would be an interesting set of purists to know.
Otherwise start at all the water places

Where are you looking for land exactly?  Email me if you like and we can

Treesa Rogerson, M.A.

Lands Alive : Ecology By Design

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> Hi All,
> After studying and appreciating permaculture for 2 years, I'm ready to
> for land to purchase.  Critical concern is purity of water source and
> Please recommend labs that handle testing, and what, in total, is a list
> contaminants to test for? Also wondering how much this might cost.
> Thanks,
> John Buckley
> mountains of NC
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