[permaculture] PC DB

BK lildragon at saber.net
Sun Oct 13 00:57:44 EDT 2002

Hi Rich and folks,
Thanks for the discussion on Black Locust, a mixed bag, but potentially
useful tree.
Now, to the database:
Might I recommend folks check out www.neoflora.com . It's a pretty extensive
site with a good deal of info. I can't say I've used it much, but it does
allow users to add info.
In regards to the DB. I like the idea of using XML. It seems to be redily
extensible. And since its structured hierarchically, you can have each data
item have a "source" child reference to back it up, or "comments" child.
   +Latin Name:
       +Artificalis datis
           +Source: "Plants of North America"      <---perhaps ISBN's, and a
local index of papers
which link to thier DB enteries. Perhaps
a click pops up a small window and queries
the DB for info.
   +Common Name: 
           +Locale: North America
       +Falsifique Hierba
           +Locale: South America
   +ph: 5-9
   +Sun: 3-6
       +Readable: light shade to nearly full sun    <---numbers are more
searchable, maybe
tranlate on the fly?
   +Moisture: 4-9
       +Comments: Mine dried up without constant watering!
               +User: plantguy at plants.com
           +Parts: leaves and bark
               +Source: "Native plants and their uses"
                   +Location: Page 34 para. 5

My syntax there was of course pseudoXMLesque. That might be hell to search
through 8,000 plants with, I'm not sure how speedy XML DB retrevel is. It
would be fun if items could get comments appended as above. Perhaps the more
field/searchable data is undeletable, but there is a wiki text field which
can be normal text with more details/user comments, etc.
Anyway, kinda what I'm seeing.

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