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Claude Genest genest at together.net
Wed Oct 9 13:52:45 EDT 2002

Yeah, I've tabled the idea at least till next spring pursuant to pleas 
from Robin who's knowledge and experience I so respect.

Do you have any info on the caspian stabilization of zebra mussels ?

The pond I have is literally the size of a fridge so the mistakes I 
make will be on a small manegeable scale. I may start with millfoil and 
go from there.....

On Wednesday, October 9, 2002, at 01:10 PM, Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:

> Dear Claude (Genest)----
> I've been following your plan to stock your pond with zebra mussels 
> and think it would make a great experiment to see what they will do. 
> Theory sort of requires that they stop multiplying when they've 
> reached equilibrium with their food source.
> I suspect that what they do is eat stuff that no one else wants to 
> eat. In the Caspian, where they come from, they have been in 
> equilibrium for millennia and are not a problem. In the northern 
> States and Canada they are a terrible problem because their uneaten 
> food has built up for those same millennia and they are busily trying 
> to get up to the task of chowing it all down. Once they do they'll get 
> back to a more reasonable density.
> In the meantime the municipalities have a problem because they clog 
> the intakes and outflows of all their water & sewer pipes. I assume 
> you don't have that problem in your pond. Also, you don't yet have an 
> ecology to disrupt. Start with the zebras, or with any other filter 
> feeders you can find that will keep your water clean.
> If you do have the pond fill up with mussels, sell them to the Highway 
> Department. They can crush them up and use them to make road bed.
> Mike in Fuquay
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