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Hullo Majid
Permaculture International Ltd has packs of back issues of the PIJ 
(Permaculture International Journal) available for ngo's, 
schools/universities and projects in developing countries. These have 
been funded by Permaworld donations. The PIJ's are full of interesting 
and informative articles about permaculture projects and practices around 
the world. while the PIJ is no longer published the back issues contain 
much timeless information.
To apply for one of the packs simply email the PIL office:> 
pcjournl at nor.com.au <
You might also contact Scott Pittman in the USA: > 
pci at permaculture-inst.org < and ask if there are back issues of the 
Permaculture Drylands Journal that can be sent to you.

I travelled through Iran in 1970's during the final years of the Shah and 
spend several weeks in Mashad, I remember the beautiful mosque and spent 
many hours learning all about Persian carpets from a friendly carpet 
dealer. If there are any organisations in a position to sponsor a 
permaculture course in Iran I would be willing to discuss this further 
with you.
Robyn Francis

>Hello Dear 
>I am very iterestig  to stady about permaculture,
>biodynamic and organic farming but we have not up to
>date information in my country about this matters,
>so if it is possible for you please send to me any
>paper or book  which you did not need to them about
>this matter or similar matter .
>very thank you 
>your sincerely majid rostami
>My address: Ferdowsi Univ. of Mashhad
>School of Agric. P.O. Box 91775-1163 Mashhad - IRAN

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre
home to: 
Permaculture Education
ERDA Institute Trust
Nimbin Eco-Village Project Office
Robyn Francis - permaculture designer & educator
PO Box 379, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia
Ph 02-6689 1755 Fax 02-6689 1225
permed at nor.com.au  www.earthwise.org.au

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