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Mark,  We use Rock dust and gypsum here in our sheet mulching and add to the
forest garden from time to time.  I still don't see how you can keep all
that ammonia from escaping from the pile with  an applaction of rock powder.
I have used 6 inches of straw on top of the pile as a scrubber.  the
straw helps to absorb the amonia.  The carbon soaks up the ammonia.
We make lost of comfery tea, plus rabbit and chicken manure tea by the 30
gal trash barrol . Our mulching system supplies our compost and worm casting
tea in place.  As the rain or watter form our drip or the pond moves down
through the mulch, it desolves the half inch of worm castings .  This tea
drains down the into the soil through the worm holes.  It's all part of
natures design.  Got you in the forest to see a carbon copy of this in
action.   jerome

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>>Much of the fertility and many of the  bugs and microbs are killed during
>>the compost process.
> N loss can be minimized by adding rock P or gypsum, this binds the ammonia
> and makes the P available.
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