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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Oct 8 04:49:39 EDT 2002

Richard Morris wrote:


> Yep, I would like to keep the mailing list up and running.
> Don't know if the project is sufficiently far advanced to 
> warrant the two sub lists (-tech and -data).

The main list for the DB project will remain online permanently.
pcplantdb at lists.ibiblio.org
http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/pcplantdb   main page
http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/pcplantdb/  archives

> In my mind the project is still going its just taken a long time
> for me to find time to do work on it.

In the interim Chad Knepp has posted expressing interest in the PCPlantDB
(or PcPlantDb, WikiName version,  http://www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/pcwiki/index.php/PcPlantDb).
His post is in the archives at this location:

> What I've not done is any spec for that actual data to be recorded
> about any particular plant. I feel that this is really for
> the discussion of the group rather something to be imposed. Hence
> I've concentrated on what might be the core underlying framework
> which allows others to really develop the data structure.
> We've also been in discussion in PFAF about our licensing policy
> and every one seems to like the two path development, where
> we have one path completely open source (with some restrictions
> on selling our data) which would be the pcplantdb, the other path is
> a commercial product (with pictures added) to raise some money
> for our project. Upshot of this is its looking more likely for
> a basic dataset to get pcplantdb up and running.
> Unfortunately, I have not had time to get the basic framework running
> on the metalab machines so you can't yet see what I've done so far.
> I'll have another stab at getting the working system up and running 
> in the next couple of days. Very very draft, be warned.


Your work is nothing short of phenomenal. What a pleasant surprise
to hear about all the new work you been doing and new direction it
is taking. If you are able to put together what you've described it
will have a major impact on permaculture education and the permaculture community.

I have endorsed using the Permaculture Wiki as an easy-to-use tool for getting raw information
and photos online within an interesting framework, thoroughly hyperlinked within and without.
I propose that we use this as a staging area to collect data that you, the PFAF staff and others
eventually put into the PCPlantDB. Heidi and her SOUL group could follow the same procedure.

You could always install your own PfafWiki in your html account on ibiblio. This way you'd
have access to the filesystem and can give it the look and feel you want as well as manage uploaded files.
Ibiblio would probably give you an ftp upload account if you think you'll need it. See my previous message
about how it works.
I'd be glad to guide you throught the complete easy process of procuring the software, installing,
configuring and tweaking it. For starters here's the download location:
I recommend PHPWiki over the other platforms.
http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/demo/  (see download links at bottom of page)
The bugfree version is:
The nightly CVS snapshot is:
1.3.4pre   and may have bugs
The developers/users mailing list is:
Phpwiki-talk mailing list
Phpwiki-talk at lists.sourceforge.net
... very helpful in getting your wiki running and finding out about new features, problems, plugins and upgrades

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