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Toby Hemenway's Gaia's Garden pp.10-13 echoes exactly your points about what
native really is...

The speakers you mentioned are quite busy, but I will forward this message
to quite the speaker who would do well with this subject.

 Are you familiar with the Arid Lands Newsletter?

I just read Marsha Hanzi's paper on Polycultures in the drylands of Brazil.
It is Aridlands newlsetter #48, and older one

Where, recently enough, the banks required a turn to monoculture and
commercially produced fertilizers from traditional Brazilian ways, NOW the
bank is considering requiring polyculture planting before financing is given
to farmers.

Turn of tides based on success of the experiment.

A perfect example of well-demonstrated Pc technique that speaks a little
different language than 'restoration,' but not really if you get semantic
about it and call growing healthy food a restoration of health and
abundance.  Which is all just about everyone--round upper or not,
grasslander or forester-- is after if you think about it.

Anyway, the e-newsletter can be subscribed to at the following link.

majordomo at ag.arizona.edu

leave subject line blank.  In body put ONLY:

subscribe aridlands-nl

Then you can get the editor at kwaser at ag.arizona.edu for the backissue, or
do  a google search-- put in polycultures, with an 's'.

'Treesa' Rogerson, M.A.

Lands Alive : Ecology By Design

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> Hi All,
> I just attended the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration's (Tex SER)
> annual conference in Weslaco, Texas.  It was a fantastic meeting with at
> least twenty presenters, eighty or so participants and some great field
> trips.
> Next year the International Society for Ecological Restoration will be
> having its meeting in Austin, Texas.  I would like to get someone like
> Pittman or Larry Santoyo on the list of presenters for this upcoming
> conference.
> Where I see the SER chapters lacking information and emphasis is in
> stabilization, e.g. designing ecosystems for dealing with global warming,
> destruction of the ozone layer, preventing wildfires, continental
> rehumidification and reversing desertification trends etc.
> The main focus of SER projects is typically targeting a time period and
> ecosystem type from an aesthetic and biodiversity viewpoint and then using
> all available tools to achieve the establishment of that ecosystem such
> round up, plowing, burning, brush clearing, species eradication, basically
> all of the ag tools that have been a part of the problem.
> It seems to me that genuine "restoration" more often than not falls victim
> to our interpretations of what we thought was once on a given site which
> inevitably biased by what we would LIKE to see on that site.
> So as a Pc designer I'm ready to drop the term "restoration" and get on
> designing ecosystems that serve not only biodiversity and our aesthetic
> sense of what "should" be there, but also help reverse destructive
> and desertification trends.  What I sense needs to be emphasized is
> with the most degraded lands first - rather than knocking back woodlands
> order to install grasslands, rebuilding forests that aren't prone to
> devastating wildfires (much needed in Arizona), and comprehensive design
> strategies to rehumidify the continental interior and reverse warming and
> drying trends (at least those trends that humans have been responsible
> There is a pretty large and well funded restoration movement on the ground
> already hard at work that knows very little about permaculture.  I think
> have plenty of time to line up someone to speak at this upcoming
> international conference, and yes I'm more than willing to speak, but I
> would love to see someone with more travel experience than myself
> this international community.
> Kirby Fry
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