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Mon Oct 7 10:02:49 EDT 2002

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> Subject: "LETS Co-operate" Sat 23rd Nov 02: FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT
> Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 19:50:26 +0100
> From: LetsLink <mary at letslink.org>
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> Dear Friends, all,
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> We are hosting a one-day Event called "LETS Co-operate", at Conway Hall,
> Red Lion Square, London on Saturday 23rd November 2002 from 10am to 9pm.
> This will be an open space to bring together all those who are
> developing
> complementary currencies (Local Exchange Trading Systems, Time Money,
> etc),
> with others doing all sorts of co-operative work in their own
> communities
> (housing co-ops, food co-ops, health care co-ops, etc), as well as new
> and existing members of LETS schemes in London, including the "links"
> London regional currency, which will have its formal launch on this day.
> The event will have:
> - a central trading area and open 'market place of ideas', where groups
> and individuals so involved can display their work and share ideas with
> one another;
> - a main circular 'forum space' where themed topics can be discussed
> (co-operatively!) for fixed time slots;
> - six workshop room spaces where other co-operative interworking can
> take place;
> - and will also include an ongoing cafe/ networking/ entertainment
> space,
> children's creche & events, computer demo/tuition room, and poster and
> leaflet display areas, plus anything else which seems appropriate.
> The event, which will be free (or almost free) to individuals, is part-
> funded by the Millennium Fund, it is envisaged as a *not-for-profit* day
> and we are open to further sponsorship from relevant organisations to
> enable us to fund those in need of financial support to attend, whilst
> any excess funds can be donated to our respective organisations to
> enable them to carry the work forwards.
> So far we see four main themes underpinning the conference:
> It has been four years since the last national LETS gathering in 1998
> so this will be an opportunity to renew old contacts and make new
> friends
> - for some it will be an opportunity to trade - what skills and services
> would you like to offer on the day that will enhance this event?
> The LETS community has been divided in the past on its vision of LETS
> as either a private enterprise or a community association - the
> proposition
> is that a new "middle way" can be found, based on cooperative
> principles,
> the detailed workings of which will be explored.
> Research has pointed to various short-comings of LETS schemes, and
> some organisers have become isolated with outmoded methods - this will
> be
> an opportunity for those who want to upgrade their methodologies to meet
> with those who believe they can contribute to a technical upgrade.
> We would like to see examples of your work for LETS or other 
> community businesses and cooperatives, and examples of innovation, 
> good practice,
> and successful partnerships, which will be inspirational to others.
> How does LETS fit into the bigger picture?  We know something is wrong
> with "the system" but can we contribute some answers to make it better?
> Soooo . . .
> If you and/or your project would like a space to contribute in any way
> to the above themes, or on related issues - we will open up additional
> topic-streams as appropriate, please e-mail your expression of interest
> in preliminary format (ie as a short synopsis) to BOTH OF US as soon as
> possible so that we can begin to compile an appropriate time/space
> agenda.
> If you wish to suggest someone else who should be invited to present, by
> all means do so.  If you are not sure if your own LETS scheme has
> received
> this please ask them to contact us and we will forward it to them or if
> they are not on line, print it out and post it to them, and let us know
> you are prepared to act in this role.
> In mid-October we will circulate an updated invitation by ordinary post
> to reach those who are not yet e-connected so any advertising or
> inserted
> material in support of this mailing is welcome.  Meanwhile updates will
> be circulated regularly by email as the event gathers momentum, and we
> will advise you when our pre-registration page is ready on the website.
> Please do join in - and share this announcement as widely as possible.
> We anticipate this being a highly participative and fruitful event.
> Many thanks! In co-operation
> Mary and John
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> Mary Fee, Coordinator Letslink London, and Honorary Secretary Letslink
> UK
> 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ (tel 020-7607-7852 fax 
> 020-7609-7112) <mary at letslink.org>
> and
> John Courtneidge, Director Fair World Project, and Cooperation 
> enthusiast <courtj at globalnet.co.uk>
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