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John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 5 02:54:19 EDT 2002


> Certainly it is, John. You are truly mistaken contending that a Wiki
> cannot allow development and deployment of a serious permaculture 
> plant database.
> Have you looked at Wiki's? We have talked about creating a PHP/MySQL
> PC Plant DB where the SQL back end would be (might be) integrated
> into the PHPWiki PC Wiki. I think this may be possible.

Yeah, that's possible.  I meant that a wiki itself, without some kind
of strong DB back-end to hook into, is a poor choice for database apps.

> If it isn't then the Wiki can host a
> simple flat file PC Plant DB using lots of interlinked wiki pages.
> We've already started on this. Maybe you'd like to contribute.

I'd like to see how you're doing it.  Can't (yet ;-) envision a
powerful search/reference DB created from a bunch of interlinked wiki
pages.  Is there a public URL for what's been done so far?

If this has been discussed/announced on the PCPlantDB list, then I've
somehow fallen off that list, as I've gotten no mail from it for months
and months.

I'd be up for contributing my QA/test skills.  I'm not interested in
doing dev work with PHP/MySQL.  Object publishing is the future... ;-)

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