[permaculture] SoilFoodWeb

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Oct 5 04:32:55 EDT 2002

I will create a SoilFoodWeb Wiki page in the PC Wiki and load it up with my archive of soil food web
newsletters from Elaine Ingham's SFI (I guess its OK to put them online - I also have back issues to mount in
an indexed mini archive).

After reading the latest issue I started wondering about compost making methods and compostables that would
allow one to make finished compost with robust populations of bacteria, fungi, protozoa
and nematodes from which you could make high quality aerated, enriched, biologically active compost tea.

Anyone have any feedback on compost making, compost tea making and equipment required?
Here's an interesting pix Steve u/l'ed to the PC Wiki:

How many already use compost tea?

This might make good discussion.

lfl at intrex.net

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