[permaculture] Black Locusts, more....

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Fri Oct 4 22:43:17 EDT 2002

>> Black locust is poisonous to animals.  Why would you want to use it as
>> forage?
>> Cheers, Heide

They are used for rabbit and chicken feed in China; Horses seem to be
particulARLY vulnerable, goats and deer love it. (acc. to Dr. Cheek at OSU &
my observations) Coppice regrowth and inner bark are more toxic. The rules
would seem to be- cut mature branches off for forage, & don't make it an
exclusive diet.
The thorns are worst on young ones and browsed growth. I have no trouble
groveling around under them in my bamboo nursery- my raingear don't leak.
And I eat black locust alla time- flowers & honey!
And... NB, it's a very variable species, there could be low toxicity,
thornless cultivars selected, sort of like has been done with other noxious
legumes like soybean.
Got any other choices for rot-resistant timber you can plant and harvest in
your lifetime in N. America or Eurasia?

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