[permaculture] Re: [permaculture]PC Design Charette Call Up

Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Oct 4 11:20:25 EDT 2002

At 10:24 PM 10/3/02 -0700, you wrote:
>My question is:  what are y'all going to do differently before and/or
>during getting together in person at Frank's place so that you don't
>simply repeat the above pattern?
>Assuming you don't want to just repeat it in person, that is.  I
>personally would find it rather frustrating, were I in the shoes of any
>party to such a situation.
>John Schinnerer, MA

I think Frank needs focus, IMO on the cattle enterprise.  Many farm plans 
suffer from too much plan for the labor available; but eating this elephant 
is just like any other, you take it one bite at a time.  The trick is 
knowing which things to do first, and the goal is to bite first where the 
most long term benefit AND labor savings will come from.  Once the major 
enterprise is running well that generates the cash and hopefully the time 
to move on to the secondary enterprises.  As to wether the course work in 
situ will be more valuable than this box, I think the answer is yes.  Just 
having experienced folks look the place over will get ideas flowing.

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