[permaculture] Heavy metal issues

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Thu Oct 3 23:25:40 EDT 2002

> From: mangodance <bmn at iglou.com>

> are you limiting this to certain elements and certain conditions?

Yes, I was talking about lead in gardens; I usually hear people saying "you
shouldn't plant edibles next to the street/driveway/parking" But then they
never mention the house...

Sure, old solder in copper plumbing has lead. But I don't see people taking
a disc sander to their plumbing on a breezy day, plumes of lead carbonate
drifting away...

I've not heard many people talk about freshwater aquaculture next to
streets. More's the pity. No arguement from me that road runoff doesn't
pollute water! I'm often building treatment swales.
John S. says about treated wood:
> Meanwhile, some recent research done by UNC-Asheville (reference
> available in GreenClips archive) has indicated that arsenic is present
> and available on the surfaces of CCA lumber for up to 20 years, a.k.a.
> the typical useful life of the product.  (Doh.  If it works that long,
> the poison must be present that long.)

If it works that long; I've seen a PT 4x6 that had lain on duff for <8yrs
totally rotten. And where did all the pizen go? (that's pizen with a long
"I" and a wicked cackle)
I'm shocked you don't trust the EPA, John! The clipping was sent 'cause it
was the first I'd heard of the coming change.
Does Boron treated wood hold up in weather? I'd imagine it's ok as a sill
plate, say. People tried boron as a sub. for penta (only a few workers died)
for construction bamboo; but now, people smoke it. (the bamboo, not the
Myself, I grow Black Locust for posts.

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