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I agree with John about the danger of using only one measurement. Brix was
new to me as well, thanks for posting about it. It looks pretty useful, but

I have concerns that if we concentrated only on high brix in food that
industry would find (unhealthy) ways of increasing the brix measurement
without increasing the food value. After all balance is very important.

Therefore I would like it if, for example, brix together with other issues
like regionality, soil quality, (knowing) the producer, their approach to
farming and other issues were reported for all food for sale.

Rita van der Vorst , PhD
Senior Lecturer in Clean Technology
Imperial College London

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> Aloha,
> I'd heard of brix but never looked into it.  Just read the posted
> article about what it is/measures.  Sounds useful - a good tool to add
> to a rich toolbox for educating people about the nature and quality of
> what they're eating and how it comes to be.
> And - it seems obvious to me that focusing on a single
> approach/measurement/solution for "quality" of food (brix, as one
> example) is not at all a permaculture way of going about anything.
> Brix could be one element, along with more direct grower-buyer
> relations, localized production and purchase, education of food-buying
> public (i.e. everyone, except maybe breatharians... ;-)
> Let's not replicate the "one size fits all" approach (to anything) that
> seems to have caused so much trouble this far.
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