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Scott Vlaun scott at moosepondarts.com
Wed Oct 2 02:56:39 EDT 2002

Hello All,

I've been interested in all the postings regarding Afghanistan lately. 
While this thread has developed, I've been corresponding with a man 
named Brian Hartig who is involved with a startup organization that is 
planning to do some serious restoration work there. I've mentioned 
permaculture to him and although he hadn't heard of it, he's done some 
research and has become interested. I've copied some of the information 
that he sent me below. I'm sure he'd be delighted to be contacted by 
anyone with ideas as to how permaculture principles could be applied. 
If anyone would like to see their whole "backgrounder" with personel 
and more about their strategy, let me know and I'll email you the whole 
document which is around 15 pages. I'm hoping to go there in march to 
help with another project that Seeds4Afghanistan is doing and will 
certainly try to keep track of what these folks are able to get going, 
The country sure needs all the help it can get at this point.

You can contact Brian @ Brian J Hartig <bjh222 at nyu.edu>

Regards to all, I really enjoy this list.

Scott Vlaun
Western Maine, USA


The Global Partnership for Afghanistan is an international, 
people-to-people, capacity-building partnership with rural Afghan 
people who once farmed and are now attempting to rebuild their 
villages, their country and their economy through environmental renewal 
and sustainable development. By implementing agro-forestry projects, in 
partnership with other organizations and individuals, we seek to 
restore the natural environment by planting life-giving trees and to 
introduce new methodology and training, sustainable employment and 
cash-producing crops for legal sales and exports. These plantings will 
reduce and eventually alleviate the cycle of droughts and water 
depletion that plague Afghanistan.


Global Partnership for Afghanistan believes that the Afghan nation will 
be able to achieve self-sufficiency. To take its rightful place in the 
community of democratic nations, its natural environment and 
agricultural resources, deteriorated after 23 years of war, can and 
must be restored. With technical assistance from experts, support from 
people of good will in other countries and the expertise of Afghan 
nationals, reforestation and irrigation will reverse desertification 
and bring back land for the production of agricultural goods and 
timber. Overall, these efforts will restore the country’s damaged 
ecosystems. Such work will also lay the foundation for industries, 
training and sustainable employment of the Afghan people, the increased 
production of food for domestic use and foreign exchange from exports, 
and will, in the process, build capacity within the Afghan people to 
sustain these programs indefinitely. The Partnership exists to make 
that vision a reality.

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