[permaculture] Elaine Ingham and the Soil Food Web Video Discussion Thursday, May 30 at 7PM at the Blue Ridge Center, Purcellville, VA

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu May 23 07:34:53 EDT 2002

According to soil foodweb scientist Elaine Ingham, maximising the 
diversity and strength of the life in your soil will suppress pest 
and disease-causing  organisms, produce good soil structure, improve 
water infiltration, oxygen diffusion, and water-holding capacity, 
retain nitrogen and other nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, 
phosphorus, etc., make nutrients available for plant growth at the 
times plants require at the rates plants require, decompose plant 
residues rapidly, produce hormones that help plants grow, and consume 
pollutants in the soil. This week's video, "Life in the Soil" is an 
opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics of healthy soil by 
actually viewing the interactions that occur among the many life 
forms that live in healthy soil. (More information about Elaine 
Ingham and her work is at http://www.soilfoodweb.com)

"The thought-provoiking film, "Life in the Soil," portrays healthy 
soil as being a complex, living medium. It depicts in vivid color 
what life is like in the soil at the microscopic level. The film's 
message is clear: to understand the rationale for sustainable 
agriculture, one must grasp the critical importance of Soil. Soil is 
a living, fragile medium that must be protected and nurtured to 
ensure its long-term productiity and stability. " (From the liner 
notes by Dr. John Reganold.)

This series on human-scale sustainable agriculture, inspired by 
Howard Shapiro's groundbreaking  book, GARDENING FOR THE FUTURE OF 
THE EARTH, continues at the Blue Ridge Center in Purcellville, VA 
(www.brces.org), Thursday evenings at 7pm. We're in the trailer again 
this week. the program is presented by the Blue Ridge Center 
internship program. Call or email Allan Balliett to reserve a chair: 
540 668 6165 or aballiett at brces.org

April 25 - Rudolf Steiner and Biodynamic Agriculture - Video: Alex 
Podolinsky in Australia

May 2 - Alan Chadwick and French Intensive Biodynamic Gardening - 
Video: Garden Song

May 9 - John Jeavons - Biointensive Gardening - Video: Circle of Plenty

May 16 - Masanobu Fukuoka - One Straw Revolution/Nature Gardening - 
Video: The Close to Nature Garden

May 23 - Bill Mollison - Permaculture - Video: World Gardener

May 30 - Elaine Ingham - The Soil Foodweb - Video: Life in the Soil


Plan now to attend the 2002 Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming 
Conference October 4-6 at the Blue Ridge Center, 2002 in Neersville, 
VA. Featured  speakers include Howard Shapiro, Glen Atkinson, Elaine 
Ingham, Hugh Lovel, Hugh Courtney, James Demeo, Jerry Brunetti, Will 
Winter, and, of course, Mark Shepard. For more info, see 
www.gardeningforthefuture.com (under preparation) or contact Allan 
Balliett at igg at igg.com or 540 668 6165

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