[permaculture] Plants for a Future weekend courses in Cornwall

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed May 22 19:39:12 EDT 2002

      Date:  Wed May 22, 2002  11:37 pm

      This one might be good for your Summer holidays - vegan not for profit


      29 - 30th June South West Permaculture Convergence. 2 day gathering
      for people interested and involved in permaculture across the region.
      If people want to come early to help prepare the event or if they want
      to hang around afterwards to do some voluntary work at Blagdon that's
      fine. We'ed like to make this a really big event and people
      from all over are welcome to attend.

      A series of Wetland Ecosystem Treatment (WET System) Courses
      with Jay and Clara Treebough of Biologic Design
      will run between September 2002 and September 2003.
      The first will take place the month of September 2002
      on a magic hat basis. Courses will consist of designing and
      the whole site water management system - enabling total
      catchment to provide gravity fed water supply virtually everywhere
      on the 84 acre site, incorporating site appraisal, survey and levels,
      design process, pond and swale creation, water catchment, filtration,
      and purification, plant irrigation, a wide range of edible and other
      useful water plants, plant propagation, a 4 acre lake and associated

      Two weekend Woodland Gardening Courses with Stephen Nutt are planned
      for 5/6th October and 26/27th October, these will revolve around
      designing and creating the Garden of Love - a woodland garden in an
      acre of existing woodland which is dedicated to Robert Hart.

      Plus a Nutrition & Living Foods course Sept 1st/2nd with Sho and Dao
      the EcoForrest, Spain, covering: The Anatomy of Digestion, Bacterial
      Digestion, Health problems and Solutions and Sustainable lifestyle

      We look forward to our next Shaping the Future event, 20-23 September,
      with anticipation. This will be especially focused towards
      local people who want to become involved in the project and
      we hope to have have a lot of interesting events.

      We hope to see you here


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