[permaculture] The Fukuoka-Bonfils method for wheat production

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Mon May 20 23:24:42 EDT 2002

How to grow winter wheat? | The Fukuoka-Bonfils method
ILEIA Newsletter | December 2000

"At the end of June – much earlier than
in the traditional way - wheat is sown, or
rather pressed into the soil at a spacing of
60cm, through the carpet of spreading
perennial clover, previously sown in April."

Also, this booklet from eco-logic books:

The Harmonious Wheatsmith
Mark Moodie
"The only text on the Bonfils/Fukuoka no-till methods of cereal
cultivation.  A delightfully idiosyncratic booklet with quirky
illustrations. A text to shift paradigms with. £4.00"

Interesting method, especially in view of the perennial search
for a parallel Fukuoka method in Europe and North America.

Some of the undersowing techniques used in ley farming also
come to mind.

Steve Diver

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