[permaculture] Masanobu Fukuoka and the Close to Nature Garden this Thursday at 7PM at the Blue Ridge Center

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sat May 18 06:36:25 EDT 2002

>I'd like to get copies of the videos listed below...How can I do so ?

For the most part, check with Bullfrog films www.bullfrogfilms.com or 
Rodale Institute bookstore for these videos. The 
biodynamic/Podolinski one is avail from the Josephine Porter 
Institute in Woolwine, VA

The Fukuoka film was very worthwhile (of course, all the videos have 
been excellent...but too short!) and stimulated some great discussion 
among local growers, many of whom had never heard of Fukuoka.

This coming Thursday will be the Mollison WORLD GARDENER video (a 
long one!!) followed by discussion. Loudoun Co, VA Contact me if you 
need more info.

-Allan Balliett
540 668 6165

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