[permaculture] How long before ag land is safe?

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John sez:
>> And, I find it hard to imagine that apples, strawberries, grapes, etc.
>> (to name a few major examples) directly sprayed with toxic stuff aren't
>> a potential health hazard to eat.
And Toby sez:
> I'm suspicious, too. But the data are very shaky there; too many variables.
> But I'm talking about what's been conclusively shown, not  "everybody knows
> it's got to be true."

and one interesting case is with Cucurbits, which will pick up certain
chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides from soil residues (not fresh spray) at a
1 to 1 rate, which will put a squash eating fanatic over the FDA limit per
person per year for the pesticide. Conclusive?

Mollison told a story about cadmium contamination in truck plots around
Canberra, and that would be another nasty; but in that case it was supposed
to be a side effect of fertidlizer applications, not pesticide. Like most of
Bill's stories, I don't know any details

And remember that orchards used to get copper and arsenate of lead applied.
That would be a counter-indication for some sorts of agricultural production
on that land.


"generalizations are bullshit"

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