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John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Mon May 13 03:17:25 EDT 2002


> Yes, it would probably flush-out pretty quickly, but I think it would
> be preferable to try to remove the nasties before the water leaves
> the land, even if this did involve some earth /lavaworks:

I agree, in principle...and, if it is simply ripped lava with little or
no soil on top, the water leaves the land pretty directly downwards
through the rip zone and into the mostly ever-present cracks and
fissures and tubes and chambers and so on.  It's a very porous place...

Plantings over the whole area would probably have best chance to uptake
some.  There's far less chance (than most other situations I can think
of) that plantings on (for example) the lower boundaries of the
property will ever touch (to clean) any of the water that infiltrates
uphill of them.

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