[permaculture] Department of Transportation destorying pristine wilderness in NV

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Fri May 10 13:52:18 EDT 2002

[Im not sure what the list policy is on email activism but I'll send this
one thru, seems pretty urgent.  mIEKAL]

Please spread the word. The word just came out that the government drones
are allowing multiple comments as long as each is slightly different. With
an ex-senator lobbying to put in a 6 lane freeway across
pristine wilderness, a national park, sacred Native areas, historical
artifacts and more to protect the financial concerns of the rich folk with
a Lake Mead view we are desperate to foil their plans. All it takes is an
email (or several with a slightly different comment each time) before 5 pm
Pacific time today - May 10, 2002. I am personally opposed to Alternative
D (it goes through the desert, across a perfect valley view,
walling us in so we can't go out of town that way, near a canyon where
there are petroglyphs, across Lake Mead National Recreation Area,
destroying historical sites and tortoise habitat along the way. I am in
favor of Alternative C which is basically a rebuilding along the current
bypass. Please, time is running out for us. We don't have lush forests and
fast growing plants - our desert habitat will never recover from this
obscene assault. Thanks for your time.

Time is running out. Without everyone giving an opinion to the Nevada
Department of Transportaton (NDOT) before May 10, 2002 at 5pm, we will
a southern bypass (Alternative D), based on the desires of the people in
Hemenway Valley.

The Southern Bypass (Alternative D) is NOT a route through Laughlin. It is

a freeway that wraps around Boulder City to the south of town coming
one mile of populated areas of our community and cutting off or
restricting our access to the desert.

It is important that you express your opinion in your own words and terms.

Do not forward this letter or copy it to NDOT - it won't count if you do.
You must write an original letter expressing your personal opinion. You
forward or copy this letter to pass on this information to other

For research purposes:

And then email the letter to:   srawlins at dot.state.nv.us BEFORE 5 PM
FRIDAY! (May 10, 2002 5:00 p.m. Pacific daylight savings time)

I recommend including your full name and address. If you don't live in
Boulder City you might mention that you travel through frequently, have
family here, recreate here or whatever your interest is in the town.

If you are concerned that your letter may not be counted, please feel free

to cc it to admin at bouldercity.com or any other trustworthy person you can
think of.

I am personally opposed to South Corridor (Alternative D). It is the most
expensive and affects pristine desert, a National Park, sacred Native
American ground and historical sites. I believe that using the Boulder
City bypass (Alternative C) is the preferred option since it will
upgrade the existing highway including frontage roads, on-ramps and
off-ramps where needed.

Thank you for your time and energy spent on this matter.

Lindy Casey
Boulder City Online

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