[permaculture] Are there any material scientists out there?

Elijah Smith elijah at hilobay.com
Tue May 7 20:25:25 EDT 2002

I was collecting our household urine in a simply 5 gallon bucket, for distribution onto gardens, plants and compost piles.  After I mentioned to a friend that we were having odor issues with the bucket, he warned me that urine + plastic = nasty stuff leaching out of the plastic, and doing bad things to my flora and fauna.

Now, this guy is a good friend and a great permaculturist, but I want a second opinion.  He's also derisive of the idea of using cut up tires in a raised-bed keyhole garden, "even though it's in the Design Manual".  So, I'm wondering if anyone else has any comments on this - urine bucket ok? not?  how about tires in the garden?

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