[permaculture] What is permaculture?

georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Sun May 5 17:49:08 EDT 2002

hi heide:

>    * a culture that can be permanent, i.e. sustainable.  In
that way the
>      cultural practices employed must serve/ be in tune with
both the
>      environment and the human "cultivator".
> But where does the definition need to  stop?  Does it need to
> concepts such as economics, social equity and the like?   Can
we have one
> without the other?

as history has proven, social equity is not a necessary
ingredient for sustainable culture - quite the contrary, i would
say. in the place of 'equity' i would place 'justice' or
'propriety' - so that each and every one is in the proper place
according to their talents and abilities, and acknowledged as
such, by themselves and by society. and how we can possibly get
there from our current culture of ego worship, i don't know.


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