[permaculture] Alan Chadwick and the Roots of Sustainable Agriculture, this Thursday at 7PM

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed May 1 06:41:31 EDT 2002

This series on human-scale sustainable agriculture, inspired by 
Howard Shapiro's GARDENING FOR THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH, continues at 
the Blue Ridge Center in Purcellville, VA (www.brces.org), Thursday 
evenings at 7pm in the big tent. Call or email me to reserve a chair 
Allan Balliett: 540 668 6165

April 25 - Rudolf Steiner and Biodynamic Agriculture - Video: Alex 
Podolinsky in Australia

May 2 - Alan Chadwick and French Intensive Biodynamic Gardening - 
Video: Garden Song

May 9 - John Jeavons - Biointensive Gardening - Video: Circle of Plenty

May 16 - Masanobu Fukuoka - One Straw Revolution/Nature Gardening - 
Video: The Close to Nature Garden

May 23 - Elaine Ingham - The Soil Foodweb - Video: Life in the Soil


Plan now to attend the 2002 Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming 
Conference at the Blue Ridge Center. Featured  speakers include 
Howard Shapiro, Glen Atkinson, Elaine Ingham, Hugh Lovel, Hugh 
Courtney, James Demeo, Jerry Brunetti, Will Winter, and, of course, 
Mark Shepard. For more info, see www.gardeningforthefuture.com (under 
preparation) or contact Allan Balliett at igg at igg.com or 540 668 6165

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