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Graham Burnett grahamburnett at
Sun Mar 31 13:12:25 EST 2002

Unlike Toby I've self published my books- I'd been doing punk fanzines from
about the age of 16, and self publishing was just the next logical step...
(tho' I don't have to turn the handle of my old Gestetner duplicator
anymore... Or do my own collating, thank goodness...)

Printing is handled by Footprint Workers Co-Op in Leeds who have a strong
ethical/earthcare stance

and my teeshirts are done by Sunrise Screenprint Workshop, again an ethical,
family business who've been mates for years (since the punk days in fact)

Distribution is handled by Permanent Publications (who publish Permaculture
Magazine) & Ecologic Books, again both ehical companys.

My business account is with Triodos Bank, who were the most ethical bank I
could find, and who required 'proof' from me that my enterprise was
'ethical' before they'd let me open an account

A portion of any money I make goes back into the forest garden project I'm
setting up, and I source the trees for this either locally or from within
the PC community, mainly Phil Corbett's Cool Temperate nursery

So far I'm on target with keeping to the ethics & principles I set out with,
but then again Land & liberty isn't my main source of income and i've got my
'proper' job to fall back on... Not everybody has that luxury & i'd be the
first to admit it...

Cheers for now

> on 3/29/02 1:40 PM, Thilo Pfennig at tp at wrote:
> > Well, if you take a deeper look it is not the creative producers who
> > earn most of the money. Look at the music business or publishing
> > companies. [snip] How much percent of the volume of
> > sales do you get from your book from your publishing company? Don't they
> > just get money for doing the copying job?

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