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Thilo Pfennig tp at alternativ.net
Fri Mar 29 12:24:20 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 09:24, jeff wrote:

> information form the copyright laws.  If i happen to write something
> of value, i want it to be free and never included under someones
> copyright.  How can this be done?  I wrote something on homesteading

I have chosen to use the FDL (Free Document License) for my new project
- the "Free Permaculture FAQ". You can find more about it now on
http://www.alternativ.net/landwirtschaft/permakultur/fpcfaq/ .

> once and later found it copyrighted with added paragraphs promoting
> a religious belief.  This was fine if they identified which parts were
> free and only copyrighted the parts they added.  I believe the GNU
> public license attempts to deal with this and might be a good place
> to start.

Yes, the FDL is slightly different and more fitted for documentation and
manuals. I also thought about represantation of other documents (like
yours). If we would collect only documents (or links to) that are free,
that would be a great ressource. There are already many close-to-free or
free documents out there (FAQs in newsgroups, some already FDL or GPL)

This could also include permaculture related content.

I also wanted to invite people from this list to contribute give hints
where to find free information, that could be included.



Thilo Pfennig

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