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Am currently reading "The Cholesterol Myths" and highly reccomend it ( bit
scientific, i.e boring, at times though) and also would like to put in a
plug for the Weston price foundation ( weston price .org I believe) as well
as a plug for Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions".....

Lastly, I'm still amazed at the extent to which discussion of diet/health
can happen without distinguishing, indeed highlighting, the effects of
poisons in our (non-organic) foods...


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> Robert Waldrop at rmwj at soonernet.com posted:
>> The authors report that the
>> animal-based diet that prevails in the industrialized world --- and is
>> on the rise in many developing countries --- is linked to chronic
>> degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and
>> diabetes. 
> If you go to the amazing website, http://www.beyondveg.com/index.shtml and
> paw thru the scientific papers there (later I can give a more exact URL for
> the reference, if need be) you'll see that there is no link between meat and
> chronic disease, since many cultures that eat far more meat than ours have
> less of these chronic diseases. The link is probably to our sedentary
> lifestyle, processed and poisoned food, and a lot of other factors, all of
> which are exacerbated by a high animal-fat diet. The above quote is another
> example of coming to a conclusion first and bending the data to support it.
> The website is maintained by  a former vegetarian and is full of
> research--good, peer reviewed stuff--showing that the health benefits of
> veganism and vegetarianism are very difficult to demonstrate and that many
> of the claims for them are simply false. It's been useful for me when I run
> into people who assume that permies must be vegetarian. But it's a huge site
> and can take some time to digest (pun semi-intended). I tried for years to
> be vegetarian, mostly out of guilt, and now that I eat meat again, am
> healthier and feel more in tune with nature. I'm partial to the
> predator-prey relationship; feels like an important one to have.
> Toby 
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